About Us

The Red Hook Hub, a project of Red Hook Initiative (RHI), is a public communication system that allows Red Hook community members and stakeholders to share and access neighborhood information online.

The mission of the Red Hook HUB is to provide a public information system which will connect, inform, and engage Red Hook residents.

The Hub is a digital community bulletin board designed to serve the diverse constituencies of Red Hook. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the HUB was developed by a team of local organizations and residents. Special thanks to the Red Hook Coalition, Red Hook Communications Working Group, Red Hook Initiative, Good Shepherd Services and the Brooklyn Public Library Red Hook Branch for their commitment to seeing the HUB through to its fruition. The Hub collects and displays information relevant to community needs. During an emergency and when possible, the Hub can also display key information to the community through an announcement feature. The Hub consists of participatory content, where anyone can post information, as well as official content shared by the Hub coordinator and community partners.

Members of the Red Hook community can post events and community resources on www.redhookhub.org. The Hub Manage will select featured items and review existing events for missing content. The Hub Manager will reach out to the contributor directly with any questions about a post. We are also testing a “community resources” feature which at the moment links to a Google Spreadsheet to collect and share information about resources in the community.

Email HubCoordinator@rhicenter.org
Funding for the 2024 Red Hook Hub Redesign was funded by Congress Member Nydia Velazquez.